A True Las Vegas Experience: Planet 13 Interview

Medizin Las Vegas

One thing Las Vegas is known for is its ability to razzle and dazzle. Millions of tourists flock to the Las Vegas Strip throughout the year to enjoy the glitz and glamour of Sin City. With Cannabis being recently added to the list of sins one can partake in, it’s made the city an even bigger tourist destination. Just as there are numerous casinos and events to check out, there are nearly 50 dispensaries in the desert city to choose from. When visiting and looking to indulge in something a little more green but just as Vegas-centric, what’s the best choice? Well, in the southwest corner of town, just minutes from the strip sits the answer.

Medizin, located at the intersection of Decatur and Sunset, ready to aid you in your cannabis needs with their five-star level of service. They opened their doors in April of 2016 with the intent to create the premier dispensary and cultivation committed to quality and education. And they have indeed done that. Featuring color-schemes and memorabilia to embody everything “Vegas”, Medizin operates their award-winning dispensary, attracting over 700 customers per day.

The company has recently gone public with its counterpart, Planet 13, listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange; but, they aren’t stopping there. The company plans a massive expansion –  building the world’s largest Cannabis Entertainment & Retail Dispensary just off the Las Vegas strip, as close as local bylaws permit. The Planet 13 Cannabis Superstore complex will be within sight of 65,000 hotel rooms, catering to the 55-million annual Vegas visitors. The superstore will feature interactive entertainment such as special effects, with a huge interactive LED floor, laser graffiti walls, giant electric interactive lotus flowers on the roof, and more.

“What we wanted was to create an experience… It’s important to us that there’s a wow factor.”

-Co-CEO and former mayor of Henderson, Bob Groesbeck, via Las Vegas News Weekly

As they gear up to open their cannabis superstore on November 1st, we took a moment to discuss what helped get the highly-decorated company where they are today. I spoke with the Director of Marketing, David Farris, to learn more about Medizin and Planet 13’s premier experience and brand.

[This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.]

For anyone visiting your store for the first time, there is Medizin and Planet 13. What’s the difference?

The elegant and upscale 2,300 sq-ft dispensary is licensed for medical sales under the Medizin brand -available for sale in both- medical and for recreational sales under the Planet 13 brand. Simply put, Planet 13’s recreational side and Medizin is the medicinal side.

They are similar in what they do, but they are separate to be more inviting to the regular consumer. We’re trying to eliminate confusion. In the future, however, Medizin will be the brand under the Planet 13 retail store that will serve both [medical and recreational].

What makes your shop the premier go-to location for tourist?

Our vision has always been providing affordable and high-quality products to the consumer. We take tremendous pride in showing that our dispensary is of the highest standards in addition to our production and cultivation. We have the chance to be hands-on with our products from start to finish and we appreciate that opportunity to deliver such an exceptional product.

Medizin in known for providing an experience, how do you consistently deliver that five-star experience to everyone?

We spend a lot of time and effort ensuring our quality of service is second to none. Through our one-on-one service, we provide a better shopping experience. Upon entry, our budtenders walk you through the store and answer any questions you may have. They can help give you direction while shopping and are dedicated to your individual needs. Through this model, you’re not wandering aimlessly, having questions, and not really knowing where to start. You can ask our expert staff about strain lineage, THC-levels, and different products.

We have consumers who have been using marijuana for years and can still come in here and learn a thing or two, we take pride in that.

So passion for your products is pretty important?

We try to include that unique process in everything: our product, packaging, experience, everything! Medizin’s brand is exclusive to us. It’s not wholesaled to other dispensaries and can’t be found anywhere but at our location. We have exclusive international award-winning strains that drive high demand from exclusivity. It’s an awesome experience to have such sought-after products and strains.

Since we have our specific branded strains, we have the ability to create them in different forms. We produce a variety of Shatter, Live resin, Rosin, RSO, Edibles, THC-syrup in 5 flavors, THC-capsules and Vape cartridges.

As our product line expands, people appreciate the high-quality craft. Unlike some of the other producers, we use cannabis-derived terpenes instead of food grade in our products. Another way to give our customers that high-quality experience.

You brought up your international award-winning products? Which ones are those?

We have our staple award-winning strains like Chloe, Million Dollar Baby. We also have a ton of other in-house strains available. Our Director of Operations, Chris Wren, cultivated our strains, the two named being International Cannagraphic Magazine Winners a few times over. Chloe’s took 1st for flower and 2nd for hash in 2015, with awards in 2014 and 2017 as well. Million Dollar Baby won 3rd placed 3rd in 2017.

Chloe is highly praised known as an amazing Sativa that delivers powerful potency in addition to the relief it provides to ailments such as loss of appetite and chronic pain. Chris compares it to a fine bourbon.

Million Dollar Baby is a mix of GSC and Cherry Pie giving it extremely flavorful and relaxing effects. Customers commonly experience sensations such as euphoric, happy, and relaxed.

We also created cold-pressed Macadamia Nut Oil for users who want to be creative in the kitchen. It’s for cooking and experimenting with. Medizin wanted to offer more about incorporating cannabis into your lifestyle. We want to help change the stigma and build a lot of our brand around that lifestyle.

Passion for medical patients is just as important, how does your store reach out to medical patients?

We make sure we provide a safe, clean and affordable environment. We provide daily deals and options to invite medical patients in regularly. At Medizin, we try to provide the ability to disconnect from the black market with affordability and transparency.

Medizin, as well as their grower, Wren, are highly decorated in their craft and there seems to be no ceiling. With their new superstore opening soon in combination with the dedication and passion they continue to deliver at their current location, they may become the face of Vegas Cannabis and canna-tourism in the future. Co-CEO Bob Groesbeck recently states, “We want our dispensary to reflect our past…We want to embrace Las Vegas and what it was, what it is now and where it’ll be in the future.”

Las Vegas is aiming to be the new Amsterdam of cannabis and, with companies like Planet 13, we are definitely on the right path to get there.

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