Planet 13, the largest cannabis dispensary, is about to get a whole lot bigger

Silhouettes of business

“One of our competitors said when we first opened: ‘just give it 6 months and they’ll be a Korean BBQ’.” Larry Scheffler – co-Founder and co-CEO of Planet 13 dispensary— recalled fondly to me last Friday. “We like proving them wrong.”

Planet-13, which turned two years old on November 1st, isn’t your average dispensary. This place has an 80-foot infinity entertainment wall, a Willie Wonka style production-line that utilizes robotic arms to make cannabis products, and a partnership with Mike Tyson! Very Vegas! And though it’s already the largest dispensary in the world, it’s about to get a whole lot bigger this year. For Scheffler, who seems to love just about every part of his job, the fun is just beginning.


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