What to Expect of Your Dispensary Visit

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Walking into a dispensary can be slightly uncomfortable for some folks who are unfamiliar with the environment. It happens with almost everyone before they go to a new place and there is no shame in learning about what you can expect during your first dispensary experience. 

Many questions come to mind when going into a dispensary for the first time: Is there anything in particular you need to bring? What should you expect upon entrance? What should you be looking for? What questions should you ask about certain products? 

In this article, you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions you might have prior to going to a dispensary.

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Educated And Experienced Budtenders

Upon dispensary entrance, you will be asked to check-in and present a form of government issued identification to confirm that you are of age to be purchasing cannabis products. Once you’re all checked-in, you’ll be assigned to and greeted by a supportive, knowledgeable, and responsible budtender.

A budtender is like a bartender but with extensive information on marijuana instead of alcohol. Your budtender will be there with you during your entire dispensary experience to help answer any questions you might have and guide you through the dispensary’s different product offerings.

Since you  have to be 21 years old to purchase cannabis products in California (or 18 with a medical card, according to state law) do not hesitate to be completely honest about why you’re seeking cannabis products. Do you have anxiety? Do you feel pain? Are you seeking a high? Budtenders will be able to point you to products that will fit exactly what you’re looking for. 

To find the best product for you, your budtenders will likely ask you several questions about your life and why you are there. They can suggest exactly which strain may help you sleep better at night or which strain may ensure that your metabolism remains in check and that you aren’t lounging on the couch all day with the lazies (and the munchies).

They have been specially trained to teach you about your options and discuss with you on which cannabis consumption method and product type will best fit your lifestyle. 

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Ingestion Methods

Many people have a specific way they like to ingest marijuana, and you will have several options at your disposal if you are a beginner or don’t yet really know which delivery method will work best for your personal well-being. You will have several options of various strengths and forms to choose from:


Flowers come from the cannabis plant and usually have a green hue; they can be ground up and smoked with a pipe, bong, hookah, or as a pre-rolled joint or blunt. There are so many ways to smoke and your budtenders can explain the benefits and processes to you.

Different strains offer different benefits – once you talk about your expectations with your budtender, they can help you choose a strain that will address your personal needs, whether you’re looking for something for either medical or recreational purposes.


Vapes, or vaporizers, are great for people who enjoy smoking marijuana but are seeking a light-free method of doing so. 

A vaporizer heats a concentration of THC (or a mixture of THC and CBD) to just the right temperature, and the scent is less potent than that of smoking the actual flower in a blunt, bong or joint. You can find a wide variety of vapes at the best OC dispensary.


When you vape, you are smoking an extract – or concentrate – of THC that doesn’t contain any other chemicals that could be on a flower. Besides what is in your vape cartridge, there are several other concentrated options available to you. Oils, waxes, and tinctures are becoming more and more popular with people of a higher tolerance and who are looking for a new adventure. 

These concentrates can be orally ingested or smoked in a vaporizer, but there are also topical methods that you can just roll on the skin for musculoskeletal pain, for example. The world of concentrates is growing more and more diverse, for ease of usability, your personal wishes and safety, as well as your level of comfort.  


Edibles are an excellent choice for new or mindful users who search for that perfect dose. Edibles come in many forms, from candy and cookies, to drinks and infused butter or oil for baking.

The best part about choosing edibles of any form is that you can control your dosage, and you are always aware of the amount you are ingesting. For new users who are still figuring out their perfect dosage, it is best to consult your budtender ahead of time and avoid ingesting too much at once as edibles do take longer to kick in.

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The Beauty And Convenience Of Edibles

The problem with each method, aside from edibles, is that you cannot control how much THC you are ingesting. If you get too high, you have to wait for the feelings to go away. If you take too little, you can always ingest more, which is easily possible with edibles. Remember, you can always take more, but you cannot take less after consumption.

The best part is that the feeling and relief that you experience with edibles generally lasts longer than other consumption methods.

Once you have discovered your perfect dosage, you will know exactly how much to take. Gummies are an excellent choice for beginners and candy-lovers alike. They can be strong and your budtenders will all tell you that the gummies can cut into smaller pieces if one whole piece is just too much to start with. 

Edibles are also great for people who don’t really enjoy the taste or smell of marijuana. They are great if you want to keep your consumption more discreet.

How Do I Choose What Is Right For Me?

Since your budtender is specifically assigned to you, they can walk you through every inch of the cannabis selection process and answer any questions you have along the way. Based on your wants and needs, they can suggest strains that may be best for you, as well as the best intake methods for your lifestyle. They can even help you to come up with a plan to start monitoring your dose.

Visit the best dispensary in Orange County and get all of your questions answered by one of our friendly and knowledgeable budtenders today. We also offer dispensary delivery for those who may know what they like but don’t have the time or means to shop in-store!

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