Store Bought vs. Homemade Edibles

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Cannabis edibles are defined as food and beverage items infused with cannabis, and are a great way to get a longer-lasting high or to slow down the duration of time between consumption and feeling the effects of cannabis. For years, many people have chosen to make their own cannabis edibles (for many, brownies frequently come to mind), but nowadays, cannabis edibles are available in a variety of stores, allowing you to pick up your edibles at a dispensary near you without having to invest the time and energy to make them yourself. 

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The Key Difference Between Store-Bought and Homemade Edibles

Are you considering trying cannabis infused edibles? A Santa Ana dispensary, OC dispensary, or a quick web search of a “dispensary near me” can offer you more information about the wide variety of edibles on the market and how you can make the most of them. There are several things to keep in mind when considering which edibles you want to use. Ultimately, store-bought edibles are produced with clear labeling requirements and easy measurements. Homemade edibles, on the other hand, may allow you to customize your own dosage or experiment with flavors that are harder to find in stores. 

Luckily, the emergence of more edible options on the market means that it’s less difficult to find the flavor and dosage combination you’re looking for, making it easier for you to enjoy store-bought edibles whenever you like. Below, we’ve listed out the differences between medical and recreational marijuana.

1. It is often difficult to measure the cannabis content of homemade edibles.

Those who are new to cannabis  frequently struggle with overdoing the cannabis in their homemade edibles, which could lead to unexpected side effects. For beginners in particular, store-bought edibles may be more practical. 

2. Store bought edibles are more clearly labeled.

Everyone has heard a story about the time grandma, or mom, or some other special member of the family got into homemade edibles because they didn’t realize what they were. Most of the time, it’s a funny tale. Sometimes, however, it can be alarming, especially if a young child gets into a pan of homemade edibles or someone with a health condition accidentally overindulges. Store-bought edibles are clearly labeled so they’re easily identifiable. 

3. You don’t have to worry about taking the time to create your own infusions when you buy pre-made edibles.

Pre-made edibles from a dispensary near you usually prove much easier and faster to manage. Simply walk into a dispensary near you or arrange for dispensary delivery, and you can have your preferred edibles in your hands quickly without having to spend time selecting the right recipe, cooking the cannabis infused component, and finally putting together your own edibles. 

4. Homemade edibles allow you to customize your ingredients and your needs.

If you have special dietary concerns, whether you want sugar-free edibles or prefer a combination that does not contain gluten, you may find that your options to be slightly limited. While you can find anything from Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Granola Clusters to Sour Blueberry Gummies on the shelves, if you have serious dietary restrictions, it can prove much more difficult to find ingredients that suit your needs. When you make your own edibles, you can also choose your own cannabis strain and potency, which may make it easier to enjoy your edible.

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Which Edibles are Easiest to Make?

If you’re making edibles yourself, you’ll need to either start with a lab-tested CBD or THC product so that you’ll know how much cannabis is going into your final product, or use a cannabis potency checking device to determine how much cannabis is actually going into your infusions. From there, consider the easiest infusions to make and shy away from those that might be a little harder to pull together on your own. 

  • Cannabis-Infused Chocolate: quick, easy, and convenient to put together
  • Cannabis Brownies: easy, familiar, and one of the staple recipes for people who prefer to make their own cannabis edibles
  • Cannabis Butter: All it takes is cannabis, butter, and water – boil it together, then add it to your edibles (including your brownies), or use it on your regular recipes for an added jolt of fun
  • Cannabis Ice Cream: There are plenty of recipes out there, and most of them are pretty simple to put together – just mix everything together, freeze it in your freezer or ice cream maker, and enjoy at your convenience

Some edibles might be a lot harder to pull together. Making your own gummies, for example, might be more challenging than you think, especially if you’re looking for a strong flavor that’s hard to get from home baking ingredients. If you’re interested in enjoying items like licorice or prefer more complicated chocolate clusters or mixtures, you may find that it’s more practical to purchase your cannabis edibles from a dispensary near you rather than making them yourself. 

Ready to Find a Dispensary Near You?

Edibles are an excellent way to enjoy the effects of cannabis without smoking. While you can make your own edibles, purchasing them is a great option as there are a variety of edible items available for purchase these days. It could also be considered safer as users know exactly what is in their edible and the dosage. 

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