Cannabis Consumption: Control your High

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A lot of people in California try cannabis to feel the psychoactive effects it can cause. THC, the main active compound in cannabis, stimulates your brain’s pleasure center. This releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes the user feel joyful and relaxed. If you smoke or vape cannabis, THC can enter your bloodstream instantly, giving you a high in minutes or seconds. 

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How Cannabis Works

THC levels normally peak after about 30 minutes, and the effects can last anywhere from one to three hours. It may take several hours to properly sober up if you consume edible cannabis products. When cannabis is consumed in the form of food or drink (edibles) rather than inhaled, the euphoric effects take longer to manifest because the THC must first travel through the digestive tract. Cannabis might take up to three hours before an individual feels any effects. While waiting to become high, some people may become restless and ingest more. Because they are getting a reaction from two dosages, this might cause them to feel extremely high.

It is best to read the label of your recreational cannabis or medical product ahead of time to be aware of the THC levels contained within it ahead of consumption. It is also important to note that the highs that individuals get from smoking cannabis can differ. One person may be at ease and content, while another may be agitated and nauseated. To achieve optimal results, consult a budtender, or cannabis expert, ahead of consumption to get any questions answered that you may have. Expert recommendations are also great to consider, especially for new users.

Consequences of Overindulging

Overindulging in cannabis can lead to various consequences. Below, we have compiled a list of the most common effects that over consumption can cause:

Concentration and Memory

Long-term heavy cannabis use impairs short-term memory, concentration, and attention, making it hard for a person to recall what they just did or said. This might cause issues with working, learning, and other tasks that rely greatly on your capacity to think effectively and remember things.


Because relaxation and sleepiness can sometimes be a side effect of cannabis consumption, overconsuming cannabis can cause you to lose motivation to drowsiness. There are certain cannabis products that are meant to relax you, while others are meant to help energize you, so keep this in mind as well when selecting your products. One great product to help with creativity, focus and energy is the Blueberry Skittles strain by Maven Genetics, which can be purchased at Santa Ana dispensary Planet 13 Dispensaries.

Managing your High

If you are getting abnormally high, it’s best to do research and/or consult a knowledgeable and friendly budtender like the ones at Planet 13 about controlling your cannabis intake and thus controlling your high. 

Tolerance and Dependence

Tolerance occurs when your body has become accustomed to THC, prompting you to smoke more to feel the effects of cannabis. Tolerance can be reduced by taking one or more days off between smoking sessions. This will decrease your chances of developing a cannabis dependency.

Set Goals and Limits

The foundation of good Cannabis control is setting goals and limits to manage your cannabis consumption. Keep a few things in mind when developing goals and developing plans that you want to stick to:

  •  Be specific about your goals: whether you want to cut back on your smoking/consumption or quit completely.
  •  Be explicit and practical about what you want to accomplish.

Only select the Best Cannabis Components.

You should discard seeds and stems when preparing your cannabis joint because they contain no THC, can be harsh on your throat, and can lead to headaches. Because leaf has less THC than bud, you’ll need to smoke more to feel the psychoactive effects, which can increase the risk of harm to your airways.

Avoid Mixing Cannabis with Other Drugs

Mixing cannabis with alcohol or other drugs is generally not condoned. Using multiple drugs at once can dramatically increase intoxication, resulting in unpleasant side effects such as vomiting, dizziness, blackouts, and overdosing.

Consider other options such as Edibles or Tinctures

For those who don’t want to delve into the subtleties of cannabis, edibles may be a nice place to start – just be careful about the type and dosage. In general, edibles prepared with live resin have more concentrated effects. Edibles are metabolized in the liver rather than the bloodstream, resulting in a longer-lasting high. Aim for a dose of 5 milligrams or less in the first session (2.5 milligrams would be ideal). Edibles also take much longer to kick in than inhalation, so give it at least 1-3 hours before consuming more. Planet 13 Dispensaries in Santa Ana provide a wide range of products you can try.

Tinctures are a more convenient and healthier way to consume cannabis. While cannabis smoke is believed to be cleaner than tobacco smoke, it still contains a significant amount of toxins and carcinogens. Despite being vaporized, it still includes many of the same components. On the other hand, tinctures are the safest way to consume cannabis, as they contain no carcinogens or hazardous chemicals. They, along with edibles, are unquestionably the safest way to ingest cannabis.

Tinctures also make it possible to dose specific cannabinoids precisely. When you smoke or vape cannabis, it’s difficult to know how many cannabinoids you’re consuming with each puff. Tinctures, on the contrary, may be carefully measured using the dropper that accompanies each vial.

Know Your Dose

Dr. Jordan Tishler, CEO of inhaleMD, concurs that dosage is critical to getting your cannabis consumption amount correct, irrespective of your consumption method. If cannabis causes discomfort or anxiety, the amount is just too high. What to take and how much to take should be specified by your cannabis expert. This is usually done in stages, not just to get you used to the sensations, but also to allow your body to adapt. You can reach out to your local cannabis dispensary for advice on this.

Purchase from a Credible Source

Growers have biologically engineered cannabis strains to optimize specific cannabinoids, particularly THC; thus, today’s bud can be stronger than it was before. Also, there are cannabis products available that contain little or no THC. When you buy from a trustworthy dispensary or grower, you’ll know exactly how much THC is in the flower, oil, or other product you’re getting, allowing you to customize your use to the desired results.

Final Word

To manage your high and maintain optimal wellbeing, always ensure your cannabis dosage is just right. Remember not to overindulge or combine cannabis with other drugs. And perhaps, what is most important is always to ensure your cannabis products are sourced from reputable and reliable growers or dispensaries like Planet 13 dispensaries. At our Orange County dispensary, our experts will provide you with quality-assured cannabis products along with professional advice. We offer an elevated in-store shopping experience, curbside pick-up, and even delivery.  Reach out to us today!