Is Cannabis Delivery Right For You?

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Delivery is among the most convenient and greatest pleasures of modern life. It’s simple and oftentimes quick and efficient  to order anything you need from the comfort and privacy of your home. Legal cannabis delivery has become increasingly popular over the years.

While many know about the various delivery services available to the public, many are still unaware that legal marijuana delivery is available. While you may be aware of the alternative, purchasing cannabis through an app does not appear to be as secure or private as visiting a dispensary. You may believe that legal cannabis delivery is too good to be true… But it isn’t! Legal cannabis distribution is completely legal and now it’s more accessible than ever with the help of notable dispensaries like Planet 13 Dispensaries that offer it.

With the touch of a mouse, millions of Californians now have access to the world’s purest, most potent, and most aromatic cannabis ever cultivated. New customers, however, frequently express their apprehension about this new way of life because for many it is so hard to believe that something which was once illegal is now so accessible. 

How do I get legal cannabis delivered to me?

Because Planet 13 Dispensaries is an accredited cannabis dispensary, accessing its library of high quality products is simple and safe. This is significant because many unauthorized retailers sell untested products that can be tainted by labeling errors and contaminants. The black market is as strong as it’s ever been, with unlicensed merchants accounting for nearly 75% of all cannabis sales in California. Illegal marijuana cultivation continues to degrade environmentally sensitive areas. Cannabis goods, including edibles and oils, continue to be untested and unlicensed.

Cannabis delivery functions similarly to pizza delivery. To get started, you can place an order online or make a phone call to Planet 13 Dispensaries. After that, Planet 13 will issue you a notification email or text with the estimated delivery time. You will be required to present your ID when the delivery arrives, and then you’ll sign, pay, and collect your goodies. The essential steps for ordering legal cannabis from Planet 13 Dispensaries are as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Register or Sign in.
  3. Choose the ‘ordering‘ option.
  4. Look through the menus in our portfolio.
  5. Choose an option you like.
  6. Enter your location information.
  7.  Make an order.
  8. Alternatively, you can order using the phone number listed on our “contact us” page.
  9. You will receive a confirmation of the order receipt, processing, and delivery time through text or email.

Why New Users Should Visit A Dispensary Before Ordering Online

If you are a first-time cannabis user, it is essential that you seek advice from our experts face-to-face so that they can assist you in selecting the ideal product for you to have the most enjoyable, safest experience possible. During your visit, a staff member will likely ask if you prefer to be calm or energized. What level of vigor do you desire? Do you want a more energizing, clean sensation that allows you to enjoy the outdoors and be active? Do you want to relax by chilling out in the park, or are you thinking about unwinding after a long day? Or do you require anything even more powerful to help you sleep?

Aside from how different strains may affect you, your variances may also have an impact. In addition, the place you’re in and the folks you’re with can all affect how you feel. If you’ve had any previous cannabis experiences, positive or negative, it’s a good idea to consult an expert so they can guide you through the best options.

Why Order Cannabis Online?

Ordering your Cannabis online has a lot of benefits:

  1. Enhanced shopping experience: You can order cannabis items from our online store, pay with a credit card, and we’ll bring them to your door. You no longer need to visit our cannabis dispensary to get your fix personally.
  2. Privacy guarantee: If you want to keep your cannabis use discreet, that’s understandable. Thankfully, dispensaries like Planet 13 provide cannabis delivery services to make accessing products simple and quick
  3. Flexibility: You can order cannabis goods from anywhere within a delivery zone, which are generally vast. As a buyer, this gives you more options because you can order cannabis from the comfort of your own home or a friend’s home.
  4. Peace of mind: Planet 13 offers an online chat service for you to speak with a specialist about any queries you may have about various brands and strains. With less physical engagement, you’ll have more time to skim through our product catalogue and explore without any interruption.
Inside of Planet 13 Dispensaries

Why is Planet 13 the Best Cannabis Delivery Dispensary?

Planet 13 can be counted on to deliver your cannabis order promptly. On the website menu, you’ll find everything from flowers to sumptuous edibles. Planet 13 also makes sure that your order is delivered safely and securely, so you don’t have to wonder where your order is.

What Products do we offer?

Planet 13 offers a large selection of cannabis products.  Flowers, edibles, vape pens, extract products, oils, merchandise, pre-rolls, gear, and medicinal products are just a few of the items you can find in our dispensary. And there’s so much more.

If you’re not sure which products are right for you, or if you’ve never gone to a dispensary before, the best thing you can do is ask for assistance. Our personnel are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about our products, and they’ll be pleased to give suggestions or answer any questions you may have.

Final Word

Are you searching for a reputable online cannabis delivery dispensary that sells quality cannabis products? What about one that provides on-demand delivery as well? If that’s the case, visit or contact Planet 13 Dispensaries, which offers in-store shopping, curbside pick-up, and – of course – delivery.