How Long Will Your High Last?

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Among the most popular and most asked questions of inexperienced cannabis consumers or those who are just beginning to consume is, “How long does a cannabis high last?” It is natural that if you are spending your hard-earned money to buy the highest-quality cannabis for yourself, you expect it to last for a good while. 

The experience of cannabis is different for each person, and how long the high is expected to last depends on a number of factors. It usually depends on the consumer’s past experience with cannabis, the type and quality of cannabis they are taking, and the method they use to consume it. 

A cannabis experience for the first time can sure be overwhelming, especially for people with no prior knowledge or experience. It may even be scary for some. With today’s variety of cannabis and the methods of consuming it, it can be confusing to understand which ones are medicated and which ones are going to make you feel like you are out of this world. 

Either way, we’ve got you covered. Whether you are an experienced user or not, we will explain the science behind a cannabis high.

How Long Does It Take For Cannabis To Kick In?

Since the beginning of time when humans started experimenting with cannabis, people have been making advancements in terms of time under the influence and strength of the high. As cannabis escapes the cage of prohibition, researchers have been given the opportunity to study it. How long cannabis lasts can be answered in one sentence using this equation: 

(dose x concentration / metabolism x tolerance) x delivery method

But, don’t worry. We are not going to ask you to do the math for yourself. We have brought clear-cut answers for you that are way easier for you to understand. 

Before we answer how long you can expect your high to last, let us first look at the time it takes for cannabis to kick in. Of course, the answer will vary depending on the product and the method of delivery. 


If you are fond of cannabis, chances are you may have tried smoking or vaping at least once. Smoking and vaping are some of the most popular and common ways of consuming cannabis and perhaps one of the quickest ways to feel it in your brain and body. 

When you smoke cannabis, you can start feeling the effects within a few minutes after your first puff. The effects reach their peak within 30 minutes. If you’re going to consume cannabis for the first time and are confused about its onset time, smoking or vaping is the best option for you. However, make sure you start with a light session since it is your first time. 

Smoking and vaping cannabis have almost an instant effect on the consumer. While it will take a bit more time for you to experience the “euphoria,” you can start feeling the effects right after the first puff. That’s how effective they are! 

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If you are not particularly fond of smoking, you could try cannabis edibles from Planet 13, which have become quite popular. They are found in various foods, drinks, snacks, and even baked goods. If you love gummieschocolate, and candies, you are in for a treat. There are a plethora of options, and you are sure to find something of your liking. 

If your chosen method of cannabis consumption is edibles, you will have to wait for the longest time to start feeling its effects. Edibles usually take half an hour to one hour to kick in. However, it again depends on a number of factors, including the amount of THC in the product and your body, tolerance level, and whether you have an empty stomach. 

If you consume cannabis edibles on an empty stomach, you can start feeling the effects quicker, whereas, on a full stomach, it can take as long as 2 hours. This delay is caused because the chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream via your stomach rather than your lungs. 


Dabbing is the quickest way to feel the effects of cannabis with the high setting almost instantly due to higher concentration levels of THC. If you are a beginner, or if it hasn’t been long since you started consuming cannabis, it is usually not recommended to try dabbing.

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How Long Does The Feeling Of “High” Last?

Coming to the main part of the blog, let us discuss how long you can expect your high to last after it has finally hit you. Whichever method you use, you are left with the question, “How long will I continue to feel like this?”

As with the onset time, the length of your high will depend on a few factors, including the amount of cannabis you have taken, your tolerance level, the concentration of THC in the product, your body weight and fat percentage, cannabis strain, terpene profile, whether you have an empty stomach, etc. So, the answer to this question changes for every person. 

If you are reading this article, chances are you’re a beginner. Therefore, the uncertainty can cause some distress. It is essential to know which products and delivery methods are suitable for you for a good first-time experience. 


Smoking and vaping are beginner-friendly methods to consume cannabis, mainly because the onset time is quick, and so you are not left wondering when the THC will kick in. The effects of smoking cannabis will set in within 2 to 10 minutes, and the effects last for around 1 to 3 hours. However, if you are ingesting a product with high concentrations of THC, the effects may last for up to 8 hours. 


Although edibles have a relatively slow onset time, their effects last for the longest time, and the high will be much more intense. Depending on the amount of THC present in the product, your high may last between 2 hours to 10 hours. The time greatly varies depending on your tolerance level and how much you consume. 

Since edibles affect you for the longest time, it is important to be cautious around them, especially when you are a new user. If you are looking for the best edibles in Orange County, Planet 13 has everything you could want!


Both the onset time and effects of smoking, vaping, and dabbing are almost the same. You will be able to feel the cannabis almost instantly, but it will last only for around 1 to 3 hours, depending on the same factors mentioned in the previous point. 

However, the intensity of dabbing is certainly higher than smoking. So, if you are consuming a highly concentrated THC product with a low tolerance level, the effects may even last for up to 24 hours. 

Cannabis hits everyone differently. For some, it’s longer, and for some – shorter. If you are not careful, you could potentially feel the effects and aftermath throughout the day. It is suggested to go slow if you are new. 

Is There A Way To Narrow Down The Effects Of Cannabis?

If you have messed up your first-time experience by taking too much too soon, do not panic. It is very common and easy to overdo it, no matter how much research you did before. You may not be fully aware of your tolerance level when you are a beginner.

There are a few tricks that cut your trip short when things start to get a little too overwhelming. 

1. Take a nap. 

Just sleep it off. When you sleep, you do not feel the effects at all, and the high peak will be over before you know it. Even if you are not sleepy, simply resting in bed can help with the effects. 

2. Try some CBD. 

It may seem unusual, but many experienced people use CBD to counteract the effects of cannabis. Like THC, CBD is also found in cannabis; but they react with your brain differently. Moreover, the chemical can also make you sleepy if you’re thinking of trying out the first tip. 

3. Take a cold bath or shower. 

Taking a cold bath or shower can wake you up and make you more alert about your current situation. While it does nothing to the THC in your body, it can relax your mind and help you cope with the high. 

4. Try some black pepper. 

Getting a taste of a few black peppers or sniffing it can help you manage the paranoia and anxiety associated with a major high. Just grab a container of black pepper powder and have a sniff without inhaling it, or take a few peppercorns in your mouth and chew them. 

Are There Any Tricks To Extend The High?

For experienced and heavy hitters with a high tolerance level, the query is not, “How long will the high last?” but rather it’s “How to make a high last longer?” If you are a cannabis lover and love the euphoric feeling it can give you, there are a few tips and tricks for extending or intensifying your high. 

1. Change your delivery method. 

Some delivery methods provide a more intense experience than others. If you usually only smoke joints, you may try bongs, edibles, and Planet 13 concentrates to up your experience. It will not only extend your high, but you also get to experience consuming the plant in a different way. 

2. Try a different strain. 

Cannabis researchers and enthusiasts are constantly working on the plant, and it seems like a new strain releases every day. Each strain has different THC levels, cannabinoid makeup, and terpene profiles. If you only consume a particular strain, try switching it up and see how your body reacts to it. You may experience a longer high with other strains.

3. Take a break. 

As ridiculous as it may sound, taking a break from cannabis can actually make your experience worthwhile. Your tolerance level becomes high when you consume cannabis regularly, which results in less intense and shorter highs. You may have noticed that inexperienced people get high faster, and their session lasts longer than you. It is because they have a low tolerance level. 

If you try taking a break between your cannabis sessions, the duration of your experience may increase. 

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