CBD can help with weight loss

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Cannabis and its countless medical benefits, such as stress relief or anti-inflammatory effects, are now widely accepted. In the past few years, studies have been conducted on the benefits of 2 major cannabinoids found in cannabis plants – THC and CBD.

While THC’s psychoactive effects have been widely sought after, CBD’s therapeutic effects did not gain popularity until recently.

Experts and advocates of CBD have also been linking CBD with weight loss. While some studies may show the benefits of CBD for weight loss, others say that weight loss is dependent on many different factors.

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Evidence is Lacking

Many studies over the years have shown CBD to be highly therapeutic but there has not been enough evidence to prove that CBD helps with weight loss.

Some users have observed that they tend to lose weight with CBD consumption and experts believe it may be due to indirect effects of CBD.

Here are some reasons that CBD may seem to help with weight loss:

Curb Your Appetite

Some users claim after regular use of CBD, they have less cravings for food.

Research suggests that cannabinoids may be able to curb the user’s appetite more effectively due to CB1 receptor antagonists deactivating receptors that trigger the feeling of hunger in a person.

Whether the cannabinoid is specifically CBD cannot be stated until further research is conducted.

White and Brown Fat

Another popular theory linking CBD to weight loss is that cannabidiol may turn white fat into brown fat, which is known to enable your body to burn calories faster. Weight loss happens when your body burns calories at a faster rate than calorie consumption.

Obesity and Metabolic Disorders

Obesity is directly related to many metabolic disorders, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. A study was conducted with the cholesterol level of rats which found that CBD may reduce cholesterol levels by 25%. If this is true for humans, this would promote a decrease in blood sugar, leading to a reduction in metabolic disorders associated with obesity.

Other Benefits of CBD that Help with Weight Loss

Some other indirect benefits of CBD that promote weight loss is:

  • The reduction of stress and anxiety could lead to healthier sleep habits and better quality sleep.
  • CBD may boost metabolism which may help with weight loss.
  • Some say that CBD consumption helps to curb alcohol cravings. This claim is yet to be proven by research.

Want to try CBD for yourself?

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