Kanha: Taste the Bliss at Planet 13 Las Vegas

Kanha Cannabis Infused Indica Strawberry Gummies

Curate Your Experience & Taste the Bliss with Kanha

Kanha empowers people to choose the edible experiences they want. These award-winning gummies achieved this goal by vigorously pursuing ways to take the uncertainty and inconsistencies out of cannabis edibles. 

How so? For starters, Sunderstrom, the parent company of Kanha, was the first U.S. gummy company to invest in advanced European hardware that ensured a more accurate and consistent edible product; they even won an award in 2019 for being the most accurately formulated gummy. Precise dosage facilitates more reliable results, but Kanha didn’t stop there in its drive to elevate the edible experience. 

In 2019, Kanha developed the first Nano edible made with VESIsorb, which naturally reduces the size of the cannabinoids and coats them in plant-based material for faster activation. Kanha’s Nano line provides an average onset time of 5 to 15 minutes, safely delivering a more complete absorption of cannabinoid content. Researchers tested and confirmed the activation and absorption breakthrough in a peer-reviewed, double-blind, cross-over study published in the Molecules journal. 

Nano edibles feature 10mg of THC, which, paired with fast activation and precise dosage, empowers consumers to have greater control in building and curating their cannabis experiences. 

Sunderstorm, founded in 2015, has had tremendous success with Kanha, leading the LA Weekly to call it, “one of the big dogs” in the California edible scene, but the gummies are popular for more than just their speed, precision and reliability. Kanha is widely regarded as one of the best-tasting gummies with juicy flavors like pink lemonade, cran-pomegranate punch and passionfruit paradise. Made with all-natural ingredients and pesticide-free cannabis, Kanha gummies also include the High Times Cup award-winning Tranquility Sleep Gummies, featuring equal parts CBN, CBD and THC, as well as vegan options. In addition to this, our all natural topical products can be a lovely compliment to your  Kanha journey.

The Spirit of Kanha 

For all the science and innovation that went into crafting these artisan gummies, Kanha remains a deeply spiritual brand at its core. The company’s inspiration is rooted in the founders’ travels through the Amazon, Asia and West Africa where they explored ancient cultures and interacted with tribal shamans. They already had a deep appreciation for traditional plant-based medicine, yet it grew profoundly deeper as they saw its renewed role in modern times. 

While traveling in India, the founders also found inspiration in Krishna, a revered Indian deity described as the god of protection, compassion, tenderness and love. Kanha is one of the many names attributed to the deity, and the founders called the brand Kanha in tribute to the role cannabis can play in connecting the world around us and promoting a better life and stronger community. 

Kanha welcomes all things and people  into its community and hopes to bring society closer together through improved cannabis experiences.

Planetary Bliss 

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