Vine + Vino: Best Cannabis Strains to Enjoy on Wine Night

Vine Vino Wine Night

Having fun isn’t always about going out. Some of the best and the most relaxing experiences can be enjoyed by staying at home – think wine nights!

Wine nights are low-key events that you get to celebrate at home with some of your closest friends or family. While these nights are enjoyable on their own, cannabis users have found a way to amplify them by bringing some of their favorite strains to these gatherings.

Wine and cannabis have been proven to be a perfect duo for a Saturday night in.

New to the vine and vino combo? Don’t worry! This blog has got you covered. We will talk about how you can pair the two for maximum effects, followed by the best strains to enjoy on wine night.

Pairing It Well

The aroma, terpene profile, and the combination of cannabinoids determine the effects of your strain. These are also the characteristics you need to consider while pairing a strain with your preferred wine.

A rule of thumb for descent effects should be to pair more potent strains with red wine, while the lighter strains work best with white wine. A well-paired cannabis-wine combo not only amplifies the effects of your strain, but also adds to the flavor of your wine and vice versa.

First thing’s first – there’s no such thing as a wrong pairing. While some cannabis-vine pairs may tantalize your taste buds, others may cancel out the effects of one another. You can gain experience as you go by trying out multiple combinations and writing down the ones that entice you most.

Ways to Pair

There are two key ways to combine wine and cannabis:

  • By flavor
  • By effects

By Flavor

Did you know that terpenes determine the aroma and flavor of your strain? For instance, the terpene Myrcene gives Mango Kush its iconic flavor. While pairing cannabis with vine, try matching the terpene profile with the wine’s taste.

A good example is Tangie, a strain based on Myrcene which has a citrusy flavor – you can pair it with grape wine to match the citrus tang to amplify the aroma and flavor.

By Effects

The best thing about pairing cannabis and vine is that both lead to psychoactive effects. Doing it right will amplify the impact, making them even more enjoyable. However, this also means that you should be careful – for example, red wine has the tendency to give you a warm buzz, which means that pairing it with strains that have sleepy effects can lead you to the couch and off to sleep.

The key is to pair in a complimentary way. If your selected wine makes you sleepy, opt for a strain that gives you energy so you can balance out the effects and truly enjoy your wine night.

Cannabis Strains to Pair with Wines

Here is a list of some tried and tested strains for the best experiences.

Strawberry Cough and Rose Wine

The strawberry cough strain is known for its sheer potency. It also has certain berry notes that pair well with the flavor of Rose wine—coupling these two means matching the flavor profile while enjoying the potency offered by the strain and the wine.

Cake Mix and Cabernet Sauvignon

Cake mix is an Indica strain that contains 24% THC and is dominated by terpene Caryophyllene, which leads to a vanilla-like aroma and an uplifting feel. Cabernet Sauvignon complements that feeling by containing over 13.5% of alcohol. The combination of the two will leave you feeling calm and wanting to go to bed after a relaxing evening.

Arabian Gold and Pinot Grigio

Arabian Gold contains 16% THC, which offers great psychoactive effects. It is known for its euphoric experiences, while the uncommon Terpinolene terpene adds an earthy flavor and aroma. The punchy and citrusy flavor from the popular Pinot Grigio pairs well with Arabian Gold’s’ aroma, leaving users with an ample buzz for the night.

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