The Most Famous Quotes about marijuana and its Benefits

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You can delight your friends with insightful, famous quotes about marijuana. Make them feel welcome at the next smoking session by gifting them  hilarious cannabis one-liners.

These grass quotes are perfect if you’re looking for the right phrases to demonstrate your love for cannabis. They show the joy, power, and the sense of belonging you’ll get when consuming everyone’s favorite type of wild lettuce.

What makes us love cannabis really? Engaging with cannabis makes us happy, empowers us, and makes us feel relaxed. Aside from these positive effects on our brain, cannabis is good for our health. Studies reveal that medical marijuana may help treat insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, loss of appetite, etc.

Cannabis use is getting more prominent as many states are legalizing this popular plant. This amazing herb has the potential to improve and change people’s lives for the better on a global scale. Anytime you want to light your green, consider these stony sayings:

Funny Sayings about Cannabis

Do you want to laugh out loud and light up (pun intended) your mood? Sometimes, you may feel withdrawn and sour when you wake up, other days you may feel more animated. The only way to overcome this is to bring out your happiness! No matter how you feel, quotes could be a great addition to your daily routine. Let’s get started! 

  1.  “‎Most of my prime hours have been spent on my back terrace, smoking marijuana and monitoring as far as my eye can see.” – Thomas Jefferson
  2.  “Struggle is the adversary, but pot is the solution.” – Kid Cudi
  3.  “To motivate himself, he lighted a marijuana smoke, an excellent Land-O-Smiles brand.” ― Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle
  4.  “Is hemp addictive? Of course, yes, because most of the really cheerful things in life are worth continuously repeating.” ― Richard Neville
  5.  “A friend with marijuana is a friend indeed, and a friend who shares is a caring friend.” — Unknown
  6.  “Don’t kill my high because you’re low.” — Unknown
  7.  “I think that hemp should not only be legalized, I think it should be a cottage industry. It would be marvelous for the state of Maine. There’s some lovely good homegrown narcotics. I’m certain it would be even exceptional if you could have greenhouses and grow it with fertilizers.”- Stephen King
  8.  “When weeds reach heaven, I presume they will turn into flowers.” – L.M. Montgomery
  9.  “Herbs is the healing of a land, while alcohol is the annihilation.” ― Bob Marley
  10.  “A puff daily eliminates the dissolute attitude.” — Unknown

The Best Marijuana Quotes from the Cannabis Community

  1.  “I have always been in love with marijuana. That’s because it has been a source of comfort and joy to me for years. And I still regard it as a fundamental key of life, alongside ice, grapefruits, and beer – and lots of Americans affirm it.” – Hunter S. Thompson
  2.  “Why does the law not support marijuana? After all, it is a natural plant growing on our planet. Doesn’t the notion of turning nature against the law look a bit … unnatural to you?” – Bill Hicks
  3.  “Several writers and artists have used cannabis for innovative motivation – from the writers of the globe’s religious classics to our most disdainful ironists.” – Jack Herer
  4.  “It really baffles me seeing marijuana linked to marijuana … dope and all that shit. It’s a thousand times better than whiskey – it’s an aide – a friend.” – Louis Armstrong
  5.  “The illegality of cannabis is atrocious, a hindrance to complete use of a drug which helps create the insight and serenity, sensitivity and companionship so badly needed in this increasingly insane and treacherous world.” – Carl Sagan
  6.  “Marijuana improves our minds in a way that allows us to take a different view from ‘high up’, to see and access our lives and those of others in a fortunate way. Perhaps this joyous and exhilarating feeling of the potential to think creatively and to look at life’s sequence from this high viewpoint is the motivation behind the slang word ‘high’ itself.” – Sebastian Marincolo
  7.  “By regulating cannabis, we can put black market drug dealers out of business and remove the defiant glamor that entices youngsters.” – Sal Albanese
  8.  “The illegalization of marijuana did not stop it from becoming the most generally used unlawful substance in the U.S. and many other nations. But it did result in substantial costs and negative outcomes.” – George Soros
  9.  “Even if you consume every puff, insane claim of the abstinent at image value, hemp banning has caused much more harm to many individuals than pot ever may.” – William F. Buckley, Jr.
  10.  “God said, verily, I have given you all herbs bearing seeds, that dwell upon the face of all the earth, and also every tree in which is the fruit of a tree bearing seed; it shall be meat to you.” ― Anonymous, The Holy Bible: King James Version
  11.  “You know what I’m really tired of is arresting people for the possession of marijuana. It’s just a plant. It makes no sense.” – Madeline Martinez
  12.  “Stress is the greatest killer worldwide, and I still believe the best medicine is and always has been marijuana.” — Willie Nelson
  13.  “I think people need to be educated concerning the reality that hemp isn’t a drug. It is a flower and a herb. God planted it on the planet. If He planted it here and wants it to blossom, what right does the government have to think that God is mistaken?” – Willie Nelson
  14.  [Marijuana] has a low potential for abuse, and they’re very legal medical applications. In reality, at times cannabis is the only thing that works.” – Dr. Sanjay Gupta

As long as you continue smoking marijuana, you’ll have one or two things to say about it. Since the world is low, you need a little bit of high!

Our list of 24 best marijuana quotes is perfect for sharing with your friends. Also, you can publish them in celebration of marijuana smoking day. For more information, contact us and let us know how we can help you.