Venom OG: How Much Does It Cost?

Venom OG Cannabis Bud

An Indica leading stain, which is as strong as its name; Venom OG. It isn’t even close to as menacing as potent as this strain is. The Venom OG strain was made by Rare Dankness, the same breeders who made Ghost Train Haze. 

This strain mainly allows a relaxing and sedative effect to soothe pain and anxiety while being stimulating for recreational enjoyment.

How Does A OG Look Like?

The buds of the Venom OG strain may range from small to medium in size. They may cling together and come in cylindrical shapes. Similar to other Indica dominant strains, these also have tightly curled leaves, forming the shape of a flower.

The leaves are bright spring green in color, with twisted vibrant orange hair adding detail. Covered in a carpet of white translucent trichome on the inner as well as the outer surface, hence challenging to break with bare hands.

What Are The Typical Effects Of Venom OG?

Consuming Venom OG can have effects varying from:

  • Increase Concentration
  • Relaxation
  • Better and Easy Sleep 

What Are The Common Uses Of Venom OG?

You may be prescribed Venom OG in case you’re facing the following problems:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Migraine 

How Does The Venom OG Smell?

The compact Venom OG flowers release an aroma that has dominant skunk and damp earth notes. If you ever have hung out near a Venom OG plant, you would have sensed a hint of fresh pine. However, when you break open the buds, you may sense some diesel fumes. Mainly because of its link with the Chemdawg strain.

Venom OG may induce coughing fits if combusted in a joint or pipe due to harsh smoke while burning. But, on exhale, it gives a piney and skunky taste.

How Does The Venom OG Work?

The Venom OG may take 15 minutes to produce results from smoking to feeling effects. Because of the slow-acting active ingredient. After 15 minutes, you may feel a throbbing effect near the forehead and even the eyes.

Simultaneously, you may experience limb heaviness with slower and deep breaths as the muscles release tension. As the entire body sets in, sending a wave of relation.

How Much Does The Venom OG Cost?

The prices of Venom OG vary as per concentration. A native 3.54g Venom OG may cost you anywhere around $40, with a THC at 23.4% and a CBD at 0.05%. However, prices may vary as per THC level, ranging between 18% at the mildest and 25% at the strongest.

We hope this article helped you with making you familiar with Venom OG and how much you can expect to spend to get one.