White Strains of Cannabis: A Planet 13 Guide

The modern world of cannabis is full of many different types of strains with unique potencies and differing effects. One particular type of strain that new or experienced users are rarely aware of are White Strains, and if you want to know more about these strains, that is where we come in! Allow us to reveal everything you need to know about White Strains like what they are, their potencies, their effects and more. Let’s get down to basics!

White Strains – Understanding the Basics

One of the easiest ways to understand White Strains is to learn about the famous OG Kush Strain. Both the White Strains and OG Kush have a pretty similar structure, which is why many users and advocates associate the two.

White Strains are mainly called white due to the thick layer of resin that rests on them, causing the strain to look white in color and giving it its name. There are a wide variety of White Strains available on the market and each of which comes with a different set of effects. However, all of the white strains are made through the White CBG plant.

This plant contains anywhere from 11% to 17% CBG and almost non-existent amounts of THC (less than 1%), but still provides relaxing effects that help you feel calm and focused.

White Strains You Can Buy

There are plenty of White Strain options you can choose from, and each one has its own unique flavor and experience. Have a look at some of our favorites!

White Buffalo

This strain contains tiny icy trichomes, which is a core characteristic of this Sativa-dominant strain. White Buffalo contains between 15% and 20% THC and is known for its peppery flavor and minty aroma. Consuming White Buffalo enables users to relax and enjoy the feeling of happiness and creativity.

White Cookies

The white cookies strain is partially Indica as well as Sativa. The 70% Indica-dominant strain also contains about 20% THC coupled with lower amounts of CBD. This strain’s sweet, vanilla-like flavor, paired with a minty flavor makes this a fun, tasty choice when passing it around to other people. White Cookies provide users with ample psychoactive effects, trigger laughter, and make an excellent strain for social interactions.

White Gummy

When it comes to potent white strains, the White Gummy takes the lead. This hybrid strain contains one of the highest THC counts of any white strain available, typically ranging between 23% and 28%White Gummy is known for its refreshing tropical flavors and aromas, which only add to your psychoactive buzz.

White Diesel

White Diesel is another hybrid white strain that contains anywhere between 16% and 22% THC. The aroma and flavor of this strain are spicy and diesel-like. All of this is accompanied by a sweet, woodlike scent. White Diesel is mainly popular due to its highly relaxing feel and elevated potency.

White Widow

The White Widows strain is also a hybrid strain, but it is Sativa dominant and comes from a combination of South Indian Sativa landraces and Brazilian Indica. The 20% THC levels of this strain coupled with its pungent flavor and woodlike aroma offer an excellent, mood-boosting vibe to enjoy. White Widow also helps users dealing with migraines and headaches.

Berry White

When it comes to White Strains, the Berry White Strain can’t get enough of your love, babe. Berry White is pure Indica with approximately 22% THC, which provides users with an ample psychoactive buzz. In fact, that level of THC is not typically recommended for brand-new users but could be an occasional treat for more casual users. The unique blueberry-like flavor adds to its relaxing effects, while the psychoactive buzz triggers your creative side.

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