Planet 13 Loves Cann Sodas, And Here’s Why!

Cannabis-infused drinks

Modern consumers of cannabis enjoy a wide range of options when it comes to consuming their strains. From the type of strain to the dosage preferred to even the mode of intake, the options for consuming cannabis are practically endless. Although this freedom has allowed the US cannabis sector to grow significantly in recent years, newcomers have reported feeling overwhelmed by various options.

Thanks to the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in 15 states in the US with many others considering legalization, more and more cannabis derivatives are hitting the market. The latest and probably most interesting of these new products is cannabis soda. Not to worry if this is the first you’re hearing of it: We are going to explain exactly what cannabis soda is, its effect and why it might actually be a better alternative to other methods of consumption.

What is Cannabis Soda?

As more and more people move away from drinking alcohol, cannabis soda is quickly becoming a popular alternative. As a form of cannabis edible, cannabis soda is a non-alcoholic beverage that contains varying doses of cannabinoids, whether it be CBD or THC. These sodas come in several different brands and flavors. Note that the amount of cannabinoids in each drink is based on each unit, which makes it easier to track your consumption rate. 

Since canna soda is a technically form of edible, it is ingested orally and enters the bloodstream after digestion. As a result, this causes users to wait a little longer before feeling the effects of the soda, but the high is likely to last longer.

Benefits of Cannabis Soda

Cannabis sodas provide consumers with a light and refreshing feeling rather than a purely psychoactive effect. In fact, most cannabis soda producers substitute CBD for THC in their beverages, so you can benefit from cannabis’ calming properties without feeling its psychoactive effects or becoming incapacitated. These sodas may be an excellent choice for non-light drinkers or those new to consuming cannabis, and below are some advantages of drinking cannabis soda instead of other cannabis edibles available on the market.

Better Social Experiences Compared to Vaping and Smoking

Unlike vaping and smoking, you do not need to find a specific area to drink cannabis soda. This encourages better interactions with others and gives the option of staying indoors and out of the weather. You do not need to be concerned about irritating people with your smoke!

Cannabisdrinks allow you to enjoy yourself in the same manner as drinking alcohol

Instead of restricting yourself to a single bottle of beer or one single shot (they equate in alcohol by volume), you can idly sip your cannabis soda and consume 12 ounces without overdosing.

Cannabis-infused beverages provide pain treatment and stress reduction

Drinking cannabis beverages like cannabis soda might aid with mood stabilization and treat emotional symptoms related to chronic conditions like anxiety and depression. In contrast, smoking cannabis may have psychoactive effects that many people are skeptical about the first time they consume.

They Can Help You Unwind After a Long Day

Some cannabis soda products and other liquid edibles are excellent pre-bedtime sleep aids that help you unwind after a tough day. To encourage sleep and general wellness, consume your preferred cannabis soda product after dinner or shortly before going to bed.

Aid in Lifting Your Spirits

A full-spectrum and low-dose cannabis soda can help you relax, relieve stress, and achieve a pleasant to moderately high feeling. The product could assist in maintaining your mood and treating emotional symptoms brought on by long-term conditions, including anxiety and depression.

Reduce Bodily Inflammation

The active ingredient in most cannabis-infused sodas is THC, and it has been linked to many autoimmune disorders, including inflammatory bowel conditions, lupus, and multiple sclerosis. The body’s immunological system is also regulated, rendering it less prone to fight itself.

Top Cannabis Soda Brands in 2022

cannabis soda is one of the latest trends in 2022, in that the cannabis beverage market alone is expected to surpass $1 billion in annual sales by 2025. Although California is currently leading in the sale of cannabis-infused beverages, other states like Rhode Island, Michigan, Illinois, Arizona, Massachusetts, Nevada, Colorado, New York, and Washington, among others, will see this sector grow immensely in the years to come. 

Based on the statistics in California, the sale of cannabis drinks doubled from 2020 to 2021, with the range of available drinks increasing by 747 products. The section below will look at the most popular cannabis soda brands available in California.

Cann’s X Sweet Flower’s Passion Peach Mate

The reputable beverage company Cann, in collaboration with Tove Loo, the Swedish singer and songwriter, and Sweet Flower, a SoCal chain of dispensaries, released this tantalizing carbonated drink that is often compared to iced tea from Snapple. This drink has no cannabis flavor but has a discernible iced tea taste with a hint of sweetness that will leave you remembering and laughing about your memories.

This drink is among the industry-leading sodas in the cannabis market. It is the first of “social tonics” manufactured by Cann and features a burst of pure caffeine accompanying the 5 milligrams of THC made from yerba mate. The dose of cannabis in this drink is roughly the amount of a single shot of espresso per can. You can find the Cann soda  brand on and popular local dispensaries.

Blackberry Lemon from Wunder Higher Vibes

Every can of this sweet and less intense cannabis-infused drink consists of ten milligrams of THC and Delta-8 THC. However, it does not have the herbal aroma that often lingers in many similarly infused drinks. As a result, this cannabis soda is more sweet and fruity than weedy and tastes just like juice. In addition, its carbonation, or the bubbles, has a nice feel/taste on the tongue as well as a berry base taste. Note that there is a similar flavor with a lesser dose of 4 mg of CBD and 2 mg of Delta-8 THC.

Mango Ginger Spritz from Artet

Often compared to orange soda, the mango ginger spritz from Artet consists of ginger beer, mango juice, tropical spices, and lime. The drink is not too weedy, not too sweet, and has a fruity botanical taste. Many reviews from satisfied consumers attest that any lingering taste of cannabis is concealed by the ginger taste in the drink, right after the botanical-meets-mango flavor subsides. Note that each can of this impressive and tasty drink consists of 5-MG of CBD and THC.

Original Cola from Keef Brands

If you are a lover of cannabis soda and live in California, the 2019 summer was amazing, thanks to the launch of the signature cannabis-infused soda flavors released by Boulder, the Colorado-based Keef brands. The flavors of this renowned brand include Purple Passion, Orange Kush, Root Beer, Blue Razz, and Original Cola.

Due to the impeccable RC Cola aroma, Pepsi but with a cannabis aftertaste, and a touch of vanilla, the original cola flavor has become a favorite among many. Some have also shared that this soda has a diet cola taste, a faint cannabis flavor, and a cream soda lingering on your tongue. Each can consist of 10 mg of THC and is ideal for those who enjoy cannabis and alcohol simultaneously.

Guzzle It Grape from Haha’s Cannabis-Infused Soda Line

Another popular cannabis soda line that has grown increasingly popular this summer is Haha’s cannabis-infused soda line. Haha has been a popular manufacturer of cannabis edibles for almost a decade. Still, their soda line has held a special position in the hearts of the brand’s fanbase.

Available in three exceptional flavors, including Old School Root Beer, Ludicrous Lemon Lime, and Guzzle it Grape, the latter is viewed as the signature flavor of this line. Whereas the effects of the 10 milligrams of THC in this soda may take some time to manifest, the instantaneous grape taste in Guzzle It Grape will instantly revive your taste buds. As a result, this drink is perfect for both relaxing hours at home as well as social occasions since it gives users the ideal blend of energy and relaxation. Note that each of these sodas consists of cane sugar, which is responsible for producing serotonin, a hormone that elevates your mood and lowers stress.

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