Trendi Cannabis Brand

Premium Flower & Concentrates Trendi leads the Las Vegas market in high quality cannabis flower and concentrates. Their expert growers meticulously cultivate each strain, capturing exotic terpene profiles and robust […]

Leaf & Vine Cannabis Brand

Premium Disposable Vapes Leaf & Vine pairs high-quality cannabis oil and terpene profiles with sleek, discreet vape hardware you can take anywhere. Their disposable vapes offer exceptional flavor and potency […]

Medizin Cannabis Brand

High End Cannabis Cultivation Medizin operates their own state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation facility, nurturing each plant and optimizing the growth environment. Their passion for cannabis as an art form shines through […]

HaHa Cannabis Brand

FUN Flavored Edibles Haha Edibles bring a spirit of playfulness to their products, with flavor-packed gummies and drinks. Free of artificial colors and flavors, Haha uses real fruit juices and […]

Dreamland Cannabis Brand

Gourmet Handcrafted Edibles Imagine the most decadent, artisanal chocolate infused to perfection with THC. That’s Dreamland. Their team of expert chocolatiers handcraft each chocolate, from silky ganaches to cream-filled bonbons, […]