Dab Pens: Planet 13 Answers All Your FAQs

Close-up of cannabis product

Have you noticed more and more people seem carrying around these stylus-looking pens and leaving a cloud of smoke? When you first noticed, you might not have thought much of […]

Venom OG: How Much Does It Cost?

Venom OG Cannabis Bud

An Indica leading stain, which is as strong as its name; Venom OG. It isn’t even close to as menacing as potent as this strain is. The Venom OG strain […]

Bubba Kush: Strain Guide

Bubba Kush Cannabis Strain Bud

The fast-growing Bubba Kush or Kush Bubba is the perfect way to say bye-bye to your sleepless nights and stressful days. Bubba Kush’s insanely tranquilizing sensations envelop you in the […]

How Long Do Edibles Last: The Breakdown

Cannabis leaf with gummies

Cannabis is now completely legal in 18 US states, with decriminalization and/or medical use exceptions in another 21 states. Thus, people are constantly asking “need-to-know” questions about cannabis in all of its […]

Kanha: Taste the Bliss at Planet 13 Las Vegas

Kanha Cannabis Infused Indica Strawberry Gummies

Curate Your Experience & Taste the Bliss with Kanha Kanha empowers people to choose the edible experiences they want. These award-winning gummies achieved this goal by vigorously pursuing ways to […]

How Long Can A Cannabis High Last?

Man Holding Marijuana Cigarette

Among the most popular and most asked questions of inexperienced cannabis consumers or those who are just beginning to consume them is, “How long does a cannabis high last?” It […]