Best Strains For a Great Night’s Sleep

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Getting quality sleep for enough hours per night is essential for mental and physical health. Unfortunately, we all suffer from insomnia and lack of sleep at some point. Sleep deficiency […]

Blue Dream Strain: for Cannabis Beginners

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If you’re new to cannabis, the Blue Dream strain is a great place to start. For a mellow and relaxing smoke, Blue Dream is perfect for beginners and experienced smokers, and with […]

White Strains of Cannabis: A Planet 13 Guide

The modern world of cannabis is full of many different types of strains with unique potencies and differing effects. One particular type of strain that new or experienced users are rarely aware […]

Tropical Punch Strain Guide

Close-up of tropical punch marijuana plant

It’s fruity, it’s exotic, and it will immediately hit you with a buzz as you have never experienced before. What is it? It’s the Tropical Punch Strain!  The name is […]

Strongest Indica Strains of 2022

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Indica strains are known for their high psychoactive and calming effects, with the potential to help people cope with insomnia and anxiety. They contain moderate to high THC content and moderate […]

What Are The Rainbow Strains?

Purple and Green Cannabis Flower

It is common knowledge among cannabis-lovers that various strains have different effects on the body. One of the most popular cannabis strains is known as  Rainbow cannabis or Rainbow Kush. […]

Cherry Pie vs. Animal Cookie Strain

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Cherry Pie Strain If you are interested in a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is energizing, you may find the Cherry Pie Strain to be the better choice. This strain is […]

The Best Springtime Cannabis Strains

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Following winter, spring is a hopeful season – with warmer weather and flowers beginning to bloom, people often like to spend more time outside during this pleasant time of year. […]